Your team's work is scattered across many online tools.

With Bundlll, there's no need to remember where everything is, no more duplicate documents

and no more valuable information lost in email attachments.

Plans and Pricing

This is how Bundlll organises your scattered work, saving you and your coworkers time and hassle:

Referencing Project work in one place

A work board shows you everything related to your project. The work stays in its original location, and you can easily access it from within your centralised project board.

Keeping in sync

You and your team know when work has been added or updated.

Sharing anything

Reference any type of work: webpage content, snippets of text, documents spreadsheets, Evernote notes, Dropbox files... No matter what app preferences your team or clients have, just add it to the project board.

Searching anything

Search across all of your work boards, tags and comments. Make finding files a breeze.



Create your own boards, or share them between your teams or clients.



Post anything such as URLs, Dropbox documents, Evernote notes, Balsamiq wireframes, pictures... The list goes on.



Invite your teams, create new ones and assign boards to specific teams.

Plans and Pricing

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